Where are our Heroes?

Given our two choices for president, I fear the White House will become either gilded in gold or a flop house for the mob. So I find myself wondering where are our heroes?

Heroes are all around us, living out their lives, giving of themselves. Unfortunately, they rarely run for political office. What we’re left with are celebrities, who have no notion of what it means to give of themselves in order to achieve something. Their concern lies with power, power that is self-serving; what do I get, what do I win?

Heroes are also found in myth and mythology does a great job of illustrating what it takes to become a hero. Typically a hero is called upon to slay a dragon who guards a treasure. The adventure is symbolically a manifestation of his character; his courage and strength are tested. Psychologically, he struggles with something that is destructive, something that could destroy him or others. Dragon fights take place both within and with whomever or whatever represents the dragon. The act of slaying the dragon allows truth to emerge; to become who he was intended to be. The adventure evoked a quality of his character he didn’t know he possessed. The hero is now brave and wise, as well as, strong and compassionate.

I don’t find these qualities in either of our presidential candidates. They do not appear to have slayed their dragons and tasted the treasure of truth.