Where are our Heroes?

Given our two choices for president, I fear the White House will become either gilded in gold or a flop house for the mob. So I find myself wondering where are our heroes?

Heroes are all around us, living out their lives, giving of themselves. Unfortunately, they rarely run for political office. What we’re left with are celebrities, who have no notion of what it means to give of themselves in order to achieve something. Their concern lies with power, power that is self-serving; what do I get, what do I win?

Heroes are also found in myth and mythology does a great job of illustrating what it takes to become a hero. Typically a hero is called upon to slay a dragon who guards a treasure. The adventure is symbolically a manifestation of his character; his courage and strength are tested. Psychologically, he struggles with something that is destructive, something that could destroy him or others. Dragon fights take place both within and with whomever or whatever represents the dragon. The act of slaying the dragon allows truth to emerge; to become who he was intended to be. The adventure evoked a quality of his character he didn’t know he possessed. The hero is now brave and wise, as well as, strong and compassionate.

I don’t find these qualities in either of our presidential candidates. They do not appear to have slayed their dragons and tasted the treasure of truth.




9 thoughts on “Where are our Heroes?

  1. Hi Nancy, I enjoyed your piece on Heroes. What swelled up in me though was putting one of the candidates (Hillary) in the same context or story or byline as a Donald Trump. Is there not some heroism in Hillary’s fight during the early years for the Children’s Defense Fund? No cameras rolling, no paparazzi, no twisted sense of power or celebrity? Or listening tours throughout American for years where camera’s weren’t rolling, where the media didn’t care, where stadiums weren’t filled, where rhetoric of the “Second Amendment people” can do something about it, racial slurs, inciting violence, demeaning and demoralizing women and so much more has become commonplace and acceptable?

    I get that there may be no heroes in this election. That many Americans see dismal choices. But I had to write my own small “Op Ed” in which maybe objective Americans look at not the slaying of the dragon which emerges the hero but perhaps looking for the actual “Dragon” in this election as the real treasure of truth in all his “myth-filled” power.

    • Hi Ben! Thanks for your comments. I appreciate you taking the time to offer your opinion. This is such a contentious time in our country, I wish our politicians could set a more amiable tone such as the one you’ve offered. I agree with you that Hillary has done some good things for the country, what bothers me is her unwillingness to be (to use a political term) more transparent. She constantly hedges around the truth–why? What is she hiding? Didn’t she learn from her husband that when you screw up, just admit it and move on. I simply don’t trust her. And the terrible thing about that is I’ll most likely vote for her! You might argue that possibly we hold our elected officials to a higher standard. Yes we do, and I think that’s fair. My kids hold what I say and my actions to a higher standard. It’s what should be expected from us.
      Anyway, thanks again for responding!

      • Hi Nancy – this is Susie P….Kathy’s sis. I just wanted to share and continue the conversation. Agree on transparency. It is dumbfounding to me – that is the truth. Thanks for the response.

  2. Tonight, as I watch CNN, the Clinton foundation is being investigated by the FBI! How big is her file? What about Gulen, the guy who started the Turkish Coup, he gave the Clinton Foundation over a million dollars. Bill gave a speech at one of Gulen’s fund raisers. WTF?

    • I do find it very interesting though that Wikileaks has not hacked, released or penetrated any emails from the RNC, Trumps’s campaign, his taxes, ties to Russia or anything else controversial. That does not seem like transparency to me either. I don’t agree with the ongoing controversy with Clinton and the emails – and it will all be revealed as it should and needs to be. But where is any hacks and reveals into anyone else? When is that coming?

    • I’m enjoying the break from politics. Did you catch CNN last night? (I flipped from swimming to CNN) Chris Cuomo (sp) interviewed Giuliani. I felt like Giuliani was Trump’s interpreter. Why is that? Why can’t this guy speak intelligently? How embarrassing will it be for us as a country if he gets elected! I just wish Hillary would speak directly to all of these issues she’s embroiled in. To use a cliche ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire.’

      • Agree Nancy wholeheartedly about the speaking directly to the entanglements but honestly the news is 100% focused on the gaffes, irresponsibility and downright idiocy of Trump. I have no answer of why an interpreter is needed and frankly that he has one at all is dumbfounding to me.

        You mentioned in a previous post about your kids holding you to a higher standard. The ideology that we hold presidential candidates to a higher standard. Are their flaws on the democratic side? You bet. In fact, I am a registered Independent – truth. But this VIDEO says it all for me and this is just a small sampling of the rhetoric coming from the Donald. As someone who has a family member who is disabled and mentally challenged I find this unacceptable along with everything else he says. Repudiation takes COURAGE. I am not seeing any courage or heroes (where this all started) on the GOP side. The Number 1 ridiculous rhetoric, sideshow antics, and insults Trump has said…..the mocking of a disabled reporter ranks the highest with 85% of Americans polled saying this is unacceptable.

        Thanks for the dialogue Kook. I am going to rest my fingertips off the keyboard and just continue to watch in the “shock and awe” sideshow and revel in the amount of blue on November 5th.

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