Flawed Characters

I’m often questioned about the disparity in the type of books I write. I don’t see a disparity in the books at all. Magel’s Daughter and Magel’s Ghost address familial dysfunction that spins out of control into the realm of evil. While Island Adrift and Ithaka address dysfunction that spins toward healing, or the good. The two forces of good and evil equally fascinate me since human beings encounter these energies daily. And it is the choices we make that determine our destinies.

The common thread in all of the books is of course, flawed characters. Aren’t we all flawed? And don’t we all at one time or another spin toward either end of the spectrum of good and evil. It is the psyche of the character and the choices they make that determines the direction of the book. And always it is fascinating to see what unfolds.

Karin in Magel’s Daughter is really not that different from Christine in Island Adrift. Karin hallucinates and then listens to the counsel of said hallucinations while Christine seeks her personal security in men–its all insanity isn’t it!

So its up to you, dear reader, to choose what is most interesting to read. Do you enjoy a book about redemption or a book about destruction? Or are you like me and flip back and forth?