I came of age in the seventies. A time when it was not cool to be uptight. We valued passing the J, psyching out to my mellow. In this far out state of mind we would dream on and boogie all night. Anything that was heavy could sit on it.What’s happenin’ was bitchin’, out a sight. Women were chicks and foxes. The men were turkeys. This reminder is not to freak you out, only to remind you of how different the mindset of then is compared to now.

Words are my tools. And since they are my tools I have a keen ear for their usage. Lately, I’ve noticed a shift in our colloquialisms. I believe this shift is due to these uncertain in which we live. The insecurity that pervades our lives is reflected in our speech.

In 2016 we use declarative language. The mindset is fractured and so we grasp for words that will steady the course. Amirite? Absolutely! How many times in a day do you hear, definitely, as in, I definitely want to see that film, I definitely will start exercising tomorrow. Another on is totally, totally on track, totally with you. How about perfect. You make plans with a friend and their answer is ‘Perfect’. We are winning now. Isn’t this a brilliant blog?  Due to our total obsession with texting we have acronyms: LOL, LMK, WTF, BTW, OMG, to name a few absolutely, perfect trends.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going back to the seventies. Peace out.

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