The 11th Commandment

Nearly every weekend, my husband and I, travel north to our cabin. Invariably we encounter rude drivers in traffic, or as my husband so eloquently puts it, “Assholes.” It is confounding to me that ordinary folks like us with families, morals, and manners, can get into our cars and turn into despots the minute the engine starts. What is that? Is it the anonymity of an automobile that allows people to act rude in traffic? Something akin to social media where typically nice people say mean things about others, even their friends. I call it cowardice.

For instance, we were driving along highway 61 which borders the North Shore. The highway is two lane but there is a passing lane along the way which offers relief if you’re behind someone traveling at 50mph in a 55mph zone, especially if that someone is a camper truck towing a boat. So we pulled out into the passing lane and accelerated past the truck. The truck, in turn, accelerated. Now we’re both speeding neck and neck at 70mph as if we’re in a race. What is the point of that exercise? If the truck wanted to go faster, say the speed limit, why didn’t he do that in the first place? This is the stuff of road rage. I’m sure if we were to get out of our cars at the same gas station and come face to face with each other, he’d most likely smile and open the door to the store for me. That is if he had no idea I was in the car with that guy who just flicked him off.

This is an issue that cannot be solved by traffic laws, this is a moral issue. And I have a solution, that is an 11th commandment:

Thou Shalt Not Drive Like An Asshole

As you know in Moses’ time there were no cars, the average person traveled by foot. There was no need for the 11th commandment, but now there is, and the need is great. Write to your local archdiocese and let’s get this petition started!

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