Poop in the Shoe

I have recently been picked up by a new publisher, Calumet Editions. It’s been an exciting few weeks preparing my first two books, Magel’s Daughter and Magel’s Ghost, for re-release in September. But also, hectic. I work from the study in my home and typically I’m at my desk writing most of the day. And so are my dogs, Lucy and Ole. Ever loyal and accustomed to my schedule, they curl up and nap while I write. After about an hour I usually become stuck on a phrase or concept. This is a good time to change the laundry or empty the dishwasher; nothing like housework to jog the mind. When I return to the study, the dogs wait expectantly for their treat which I’ve deliberately slid into my pockets. This back and forth continues throughout the day.

My schedule changed when I began editing the Magel manuscripts. I did not leave my desk for long stretches of time since editing requires intense focus. The dogs were not happy about this no treats, no attention schedule. Four hours went by before I remembered an errand I had to run that day. Feeling guilty, I called the dogs to the back entry to come with me. Tongues and tails wagging, they happily jumped into the car. I went back inside to the closet and slipped my bare feet into my Sperry Topsiders. There was something in the right toe, something squishy. I removed my foot, toes oozing poop. I hobbled into the laundry room to wash my reeking foot. I then dug out the poop from my shoe with a paper towel and washed it as well. Back in the car, my feet in flip flops and still reeking of poop, I glared at Lucy. Her tiny black nose twitched, sniffing my foot. She looked up at me and hung her head– guilty as charged.





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